Security on Android apps has gotten easier, or at least more convenient, that is, if you’re using LastPass’ password management. The service has just updated its Android app with new capabilities, such as automatically filling login credentials.

LastPass remembers and manages your passwords so that you don’t have to, strengthening security by helping you create strong passwords without worrying about having to keep track of all of them. On Android, however, the support has been rather incomplete since it only supported remembering and filling out forms on websites. With the latest update, however, it brings that convenience to apps that require logging in from time to time.

Once LastPass has been installed or updated, a popup will appear whenever a known app requires login credentials. If the app isn’t automatically recognized by LastPass, users can still manually choose which credentials stored in the Vault are associated with which app from. LastPass is even employing a bit of crowdsourcing by asking users to help build up the database by sharing their own app associations. App integration works with any Android device running Android 4.1 or higher. The new Chrome browser autofill support, however, works only with Android 4.3 and above.

LastPass hasn’t changed its business model, so while the service and the app are technically free, you need to sign up for a Premium account in order to use the service on Android and other mobile platforms, which will cost you $12 a year. We must also end with a reminder that while services like LastPass offer a lot of conveniences, one must never forget to still observe security and privacy best practices.

Download: LastPass on Google Play Store
SOURCE: LastPass