With the number of apps and services that we have on our phones, not to mention the various accounts we open online, it sometimes gets hard to keep track of all the passwords, and also change them every once in a while. At least we have services like LastPass which helps you securely manage and store all the various passwords that you have. They are now making the ability to sync all your info on multiple devices available for everyone, regardless of the kind of account you have.

Previously, this was only available for Premium subscribers and those who were using the free version of the service could only use one platform to have LastPass. While this was okay maybe five years ago, nowadays, in the age of multiple devices and screens, users need their apps to be available regardless of what they’re using at that time. Now with the new update to the app, you’ll be able to access your stored passwords whether you’re on your desktop, a laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone.

You actually don’t need to do any further actions to enjoy this new free feature. All you have to do is to download LastPass, whether on your browser or through the Google Play Store and then log in to your account. Everything that is saved in your vault will then be available to you wherever you are.

If you’re a Premium subscriber, you will still enjoy the other perks that come with it, including priority customer support, sharing your passwords among family members (up to 5), two-factor authentication, and 1GB of encrypted file storage. Rate for all of that is $1 a month subscription. You can download LastPass from here.

SOURCE: LastPass