Google has started to crack down on apps using Accessibility Services for purposes other than accessibility. We reported this not so good news to devs earlier this week and we know this may affect a number of apps and services we find useful. One important app is LastPass. We’re concerned about this because restricting Android Accessibility Services would mean those programs that take advantage of autofill passwords will be affected.

LastPass is just one but good thing the team behind the password manager has already sent out a statement with some clarification.

The new policy is expected to prohibit some apps to copy content clipboards, automate tasks, and autofill passwords. LastPass uses those functions but good thing the app will not be affected in any way. LastPass developers are still working with Google to ensure that the app still offers a mobile experience as needed by the Android users. Google is also working on a long-term solution that will allow app developers to meet the accessibility requirements and needs of the market.

Android Oreo delivers an improved way to save and autofill passwords on any device. LastPass knows about this and actually supports it so don’t worry if you run LastPass and Android 8.0 on one device. LastPass will still help consumers to fill passwords and other details as needed. Some developments are still expected from both groups so let’s wait and see.

SOURCE: LastPass