It isn’t every day that you get the chance to fulfill your own destiny, but that is exactly what we’re offering here. Of course, by “destiny” we mean your choice of a big Android smartphone. Choose from one of existing high end, high profile phablets, and even one upcoming model, and get the chance to receive for an absopositively low price of free. Welcome to Android Community Deals’ Choose Your Own Android Phablet Giveaway, where we try to make your dream of giant smartphones come true.

Who can resist the allure of large, high resolution screens that make you feel like you have a flat, or curved, TV in your pocket? Be it the “pure Android” champion that is the Nexus 6, last year’s S Pen wielding Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or the smooth curves of the LG G Flex2, or the QHD screen of the LG G4. Or maybe you want to take your chances with the promise of the yet to be seen OnePlus 2? Which ever you decide, the choice is yours. All you need, then, is Lady Luck on your side.

The mechanics are the same for other giveaways. Enter your e-mail just once to qualify. Try cheating the system and you get automatically disqualified. Increase your chances by spreading the word through social media. The, start crossing your fingers. Better hurry though. Your chance to get in ends on Wednesday.

Not everyone is a fan of big screen phones. But if offered a chance to get one for free, wouldn’t you take it? So grab this chance to Choose Your Own Phablet before you regret it.

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