If your TV has a previous channel button that makes it easier for you to switch between channels, shouldn’t smartphones have the same thing? Of course, instead of between channels, it would let you easily go to and from the last two apps that you’re using. But since there’s no actual button on smartphones right now, we have to content ourselves with an app like LAS: Last App Switcher.

As the name implies, its primary function is to let users switch easily between apps. Of course, it’s already a little bit easy to do it randomly by doing the long press and looking at all the open apps and choosing which one to go to next. But what if you can eliminate a few more steps, especially if at the moment, you’ll just be needing two apps that you go to back and forth? That’s where LAS comes in.

The persistent semi-transparent floating button that will be above all the apps you use is your one tap button that will let you do just that. For example, you’re debating with someone on Facebook about something that needs the special power of Google Search. So instead of the longer process of the long press, it will be “FB-tap-Google-tap-FB-tap-Google-tap” and so on and on until the argument is settled.

It also won’t drain your resources like memory and battery that much, since it just has a very basic function. And the best thing about it? It’s free. No premium upgrade or hidden in-app purchases required. Download LAS from the Google Play Store.