Ebooks are becoming more and more popular as we move even further into the all digital age. While many argue the experience of reading an actual physical book is far greater than reading it on a mobile device or Kindle, many people have an extensive library of books they like to read and it’s a hassle to carry them around. Solving this, a new eBooks app Laputa, is trying to bring the experience of reading an actual book to Android devices featuring page turning animations and a colorful shelf-like user interface similar to that of Apple’s popular iBooks.

Laputa can read almost any book in the ePub format. You can import your own books (DRM free) or browse their vast collection in their online catalog which sources from popular eBook sites such as Feedbooks, Blazer, ManyBooks and Gutenburg.

After using Laputa you soon realize what a great experience it really offers. The UI is snappy and stunning, the book collection is pretty extensive and it comes with a lot of features that have been missing on Android eBook readers for some time now.

Some of the key features of Laputa:

Fingertip’s Library

Want to read the books? Just move your fingers to click the books on the shelf, then you can enjoy the colorful worlds in the books. It is just like your own bookshelf!

Online store composed of website sources:

In the internal websites there are thousands of free books, and you can search and download those you like.

Day/Night Mode:

Switch between Day/Night mode, thus making your eyes more comfortable. A built-in LED reading light gives you the ability to read at night or other low-light situations without bothering others around you.

Flip effect:
Flipping makes your mobile reading just like reading a paperback with the page turn effect. And if you are tired of it, you can turn off it or change to another flip pattern.

Import Your Own Books:
Import your own ePub books or documents directly into the reader

Laputa is currently free and a paid (no advertisements) version is in on the way.



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