Bullitt Group and Land Rover are expected to roll out the new Explore outdoor phone at the Mobile World Congress. We told you about it earlier and now the time has come for the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone to be shown off. The name alone tells us the device is ready for rough and rugged use, also thanks to its IP68 rating. For those people who like to have adventure outdoors, this is the smartphone for you. You need a phone that can survive all your activities. If you’re going to be at the MWC, you can get your hands on one. See for yourself how it feels in your hand.

The Land Rover Explore can last for a full two days of use with the 4000mAh battery. There’s a 5-inch Full HD screen, GPS Navigation, customizable Outdoor Dashboard, and Explore Hub. The screen has been optimized for viewing even under the sunlight. The screen can also be controlled with gloved hands or wet fingers so it’s really good for tough industries.

The Outdoor Dashboard can be used to quickly preview and access weather information. You can view any data you want at a glance. Meanwhile, the Explore Hub lets you access different apps for your different needs.

The phone can indeed survive drops, saltwater exposure, vibration, humidity, thermal shock, and extreme temperatures. If you remember the Land Rover Discovery phone, this one looks slightly similar with the headlamp and front grille design. Its durability proves the Land Rover brand can’t be messed with.

The Land Rover Explore launches at Mobile World Congress. It will be available for €649/£599 or about $786 in the United States sometime in April. You can order for one from select operators, retailers, and landroverexplore.com. You can choose from different additional packs: Adventure Pack, Bike Pack, and Battery Pack.