Krita App

A lot of people are at home right now due to one reason. The pandemic has forced people to keep still. Staying at home may probably a dream for many but not when it’s over two months now. But hey, there is no point in complaining. You just got to follow what is asked of us–it’s for our own good. Many people don’t even agree with such policies but we’re telling you—stay at home. There are plenty of things to do. With all the gadgets, the Internet, games, and apps, you can get yourself out of boredom.

One app we recommend is Krita. It’s for those into art and those who want to release their creativity. It’s a professional app and open source painting program that offers art tools for everyone.

Talent in drawing, painting, or doodling is an advantage to create masterpieces but art can be learned by anyone. You can be a digital artist in your own way. Kids especially will love that it’s easy to use.

The art and creativity app allows you to do concept art and make illustrations. Start creating your own comics. Unleash your creativity and prove that you can be good in texture and matte painting even if digitally.

Developer Sharaf Zaman came up with this one. It is best for Chromebooks and Android tablets. It’s not for Android smartphones.

Krita Beta for Android and ChromeOS is based on the full desktop version of the program. It doesn’t have a touch user interface so you can’t use it on the phone yet.

Krita App

Krita is free but you are encouraged to support development. Feel free to download Krita from the Google Play Store. It is the ‘Early Access’ version so don’t be surprised if there are still bugs and issues.