As promised last week, Koush is pushing out an update to his AllCast system that has a few new interesting features in two. But instead of a simple Android update, this one’s a double whammy as it includes the update to the Chrome extension that opens the door for more devices to mirror their screens to the browser.

Last week, Koush flipped the switch for his Chrome extension that migrated from using the sanctioned but limited WebRTC protocol over to h264 via Broadway.js. In practice, this mean that the number of supported devices that can mirror their screen to a Chrome brwoser went from one (the Nexus 5) to potentially any modern smartphone. Now Koush is pushing out the update extension to the Chrome Web Store for the enjoyment of all.

The AllCast sender itself is seeing some updates, though somewhat less sensational as the Chrome receiver. This one focuses primarily on the UI side of things. A new Recents section has been added to keep track of the files and folders that you’ve been viewing, just to make it easier to jump right into the content that, at least based on last use, might be more relevant to you. The AllCast Receiver’s fancy new splash screen has now been made optional so that it no longer gets in the way of those who want to dive right into business the moment they connect. The transcoding engine has a new Bitrate option to make sure that video streaming won’t strangle your WiFi connection by maxing out the transcoding settings.

Both the updated AllCast Receiver for Chrome and the update AllCast sender for Android are now up on Chrome Web and Google Play Stores and should be rolling out to users who already have them installed. Another update, or rather release, to look forward to is Koush’s ADB Shell for Chrome extension that lets you gain most of the power of ADB without having to struggle with installing SDK Tools and using arcane commands.

SOURCE: +Koush