Every now and then, I run across a concept device that is so cool it just has to be built. The new Compufon concept from Kosmaz Technologies is one of the devices that is firmly in that has to be built category for me, and luckily it will be built. The Compufon is a blocky monolith looking smartphone that would need apes dancing around it were it black.

The concept uses the Android OS and the key would be that the rectangular smartphone would be able to slip into two different docking stations to suit different needs of the user. One of the docking stations turns the smartphone into a tablet and the concept has a leather case that turns it into a notebook with a keyboard for the tablet. It sounds a lot like the Eee Pad Transformer in a smartphone package.

Android 3.0 will be the OS and the tablet dock has a 10.6-inch screen, stereo speakers, and integrated Bluetooth headphones. The coolest part about the concept right now is that the company plans to build it. Kosmaz Technologies says that the Compufon will hit market in Q4 2011.