If you travel constantly for work or even leisure, probably one of the most expensive things aside from your actual flight and accommodation are your roaming charges. There have been several solutions available in the market that helps you solve that problem, and now Hong Kong company NUU Mobile is offering you another one. They have just announced a new roaming device called the Konnecti1 which will allow you to access Wi-Fi networks in more than 100 countries, but at their local rates.

The Konnecti1 is actually a 4G LTE global wireless roaming device which gives you unlimited data when you’re in the country. When you’re traveling to one of its supported countries, then you will connect to the local networks and not pay an exorbitant roaming fee just to be able to have Internet. The connections are made via VPN and lets up to 5 devices connect to it, so if you have your laptop, smartphone, tablet, portable game console, and another smartphone with you, all can connect to the device at the same time.

You can also use WiFi to make calls and text to whoever it is you need to communicate with back home. Depending on the local data connection, you should be able to get faster upload and download speeds than if you’re just using your roaming connection. And since it is lightweight, you can carry it wherever you’re going without having to sacrifice space in your bag.

There are no contracts, registration, or activation fees for the Konnecti1. Unfortunately, those are the only things we know about the device for now, but we’ll probably be hearing more from NUU Mobile soon.

SOURCE: Konnecti1