Just a week ago Kongregate Arcade appeared on the Android Market. In an unusual move from Google, the application was pulled the very same day due to issues with the application offering up what seemed to be application downloads. Now the app has been resubmitted with some changes in hope of Google approval.

The new application has some subtle, yet crucial, changes. First, the address bar in the browser is now visible when an application first loads, then jumps to full screen, “which is a standard feature of Flash.” Second, Kongregate Arcade will now use the standard browser cache instead of the SD card to store its offline files.

CEO Jim Greer hopes these changes will allow for Google’s approval and restates that they are not trying to compete and hopes these changes help “meet Google’s requirement that we’re not creating a competing App Store while still creating a great gaming experience.”

[Via Joystiq]


  1. I tried the kongregate games on my phone awhile ago. meh, most are pretty good but the rest are just desktop based games that are formated to fit your phone screen… pretty lame…


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