It’s Friday and if you don’t feel like working and are on the prowl for a new game for your Android device Kona’s Crate might be worth a look. The game looks interesting enough and has just landed for Android users. The game is physics based platform racer in a “magical, hidden world” that has players trying to deliver stars to Kona.

The player has to squeeze through tight places while moving the crate along on a jet-powered platform. The goal is to turn the corers, avoid obstacles, and deliver the stars on time. There are three campaigns with 60 increasingly difficult levels and there are achievements and levels to be unlocked as well. The game is for all ages.

It seems some of the game is about timing with the player having to avoid things like geysers and other obstacles. Right now Kona’s Crate is an exclusive for the Amazon Appstore until June 30. After that date, the game will also be on the Android Market. It sells for $2.99 and is on iOS devices right now as well. The game will come to PC and Mac computers on July 14.