Finding an instant printing camera that also can connect to the digital world is probably a requirement of most people doing the digital and analog thing that seems to be the current trend now. Not all cameras have that capability however so the new Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print camera seems like a pretty good deal. Not only can it instantly print your photos as soon as you take them and do a little bit of editing, but you can also connect it to your Android smartphone through Bluetooth and use the Kodak Mini Shot app.

The Kodak Mini Shot has a 10MP camera and a 1.7-inch LCD viewfinder so you can still look at the photo you took before printing it. While you can’t expect much from it quality-wise, it does have Auto Focus, Exposure, White Balance, and Gamma Color Control. After you’re satisfied, you can now print it in either credit card size (2.1”x3.4”) or square (2.1”x2.1”), both in adhesive-backed photo paper. You can use it for party favors, as gifts for scrapbooking friends, or just for your own personal enjoyment.

But if you want a more digital kind of sharing, you can also connect the camera to your Android smartphone through Bluetooth. You can save and transfer the images to your phone and then use the Kodak Mini Shot app to further edit and enhance the photo by adding filters, stickers, card templates, etc. You can also use the app as a remote shutter for the camera. You can also use it as an extended library to be sent back to the Kodak Mini Shot for printing.

You can buy the Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print camera only through Amazon for $99.99. It already comes with 8-pack all-in-one 4Pass photo print cartridge. But you will have to buy the 4Pass Photo Paper separately. It’s available in black, white, and the traditional Kodak yellow.