Kodak is a staple in the film and photography world, and today we’re getting a glimpse at a neat concept for 2014. What we’re seeing is a concept page showing the next-gen Kodak Instamatic 2014 camera. It doubles as a phone, and runs Android. It’s a pretty interesting idea but is most likely a fake.

While instamatic cameras are now called point-and-shoot, Kodak has lead the era for a long, long time. The site claims Kodak is getting into the digital era with their new 2014 model, and offers both an instamatic camera and an Android smartphone in one unique device. It’s odd to say the least, and I’m no photography expect, but fun nonetheless.

The concept sure is ugly if you ask us, but it has decent specs. Listed as sporting a 4-inch display, Android OS (is that MIUI), a 14 megapixel camera with 4x zoom and 24mm wide lens. It features a phone and camera switcher, which wouldn’t make sense, and that’s just one of many reasons this is a fake, and obviously only a concept. Anywho, here’s a fun video they provided as well.

If the page is to be believed, Kodak is working on some prototype cameraphones for 2014, and another for 2015, but we’re taking it all with a large grain of salt for now. The page is informative, and even has pre-order options, but we’d advise against any such thing. Oh, and they even claim 4G LTE connectivity, yet only give us 512MB of storage on the device, so that’s a thing.

Overall it’s a pretty neat concept, and maybe we will see Kodak or other camera companies fight Samsung in the mobile space, but for now Sammy is leading the charge. More pics and details available at the link below.

VIA: Instamatic