If the Sony QX lenses are a bit costly for your liking, there may be good news coming down the pike. Two new offerings are said to be coming soon for fans of great mobile photography. Kodak and Vivitar are both said to be bringing similar lenses to market, and offering them at a severe discount when compared to Sony’s offerings.

The Vivitar lens — or lenses, we’re not sure yet — are simply rumors at this point. A prototype points to a pop-up flash offering, but there aren’t even details yet, so we’re not going to jump the gun on this one. Of note is that the Vivitar is said to bring interchangeable lenses and sensors to its add-on, making for a more rounded experience. Again, no specs or details offered here yet, but it’s an interesting concept, if it comes to fruition.

Kodak’s Pixro lenses seem to be heading to market, as details have emerged on that front. The two lenses — both holding “SL” branding — will go on sale this Spring. The SL10 (pictured above) has a 10x optical zoom, MicroSD slot, 1080p video capture, and WiFi. It will retail for $199, while the upgraded SL25 (25x optical zoom, in case that wasn’t clear by name alone) will sell for $299.


There are lots of moving parts here (pun intended), but more than Sony’s two premium priced models are welcome here. We like the ability to shoot great pics with full-fledged detachable camera lenses, but we’ll wait to see how they perform before working ourselves up too much. Sony’s offerings have their own set of challenges (lag, mostly), and it’s unlikely that either Kodak or Vivitar will improve on them. We’re also concerned with support, moving forward.
VIA: Digital Trends