Google still has the Project Fi and the company will only continue to offer a new wireless experience that is simple yet reliable. The tech giant can easily boast of its service but it’s giving the consumers a chance to know if Project Fi is the best choice for them. If you’re interested in Project Fi, you may want to take the Fi Fit Quiz to know what service is for you.

The Fi Fit Quiz is a special tool aimed at helping the public make an important decision. It will make an individualized assessment based on your wireless needs. Google’s tool will help you determine the speed you can expect from Project Fi from different locations.

You can also see an estimate of your monthly bill so you can compare with your existing plan from another provider. The results of the quiz will be made known to you so you can easily share with other people. Get a $20 credit if you share the quiz to friends interest in Project Fi.

You can also check if your phone is Project Fi-ready and see device compatibility. And in the event you find out that your current device isn’t supported, you may consider getting a new one from Google’s list of Profect Fi-ready units and get it at a discount.

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  1. If you need your phone to work anywhere outside of a major metro area, pick another service. There are a bunch of small issues I have with Project Fi but that one is the biggest.

    • I have Project Fi as well. What issues do you have? I have only encountered one, when I was traveling in the panhandle of Nebraska. It kept switching me to T-Mobile which had no roaming data so I had to switch it back to Sprint or US Cellular every few hours.

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