If you’ve been given the chance to rescue your land from a powerful, vengeful goddess, would you actually take the chance? Well the adventurous part of you will probably say yes, if not in real life, at least virtually. Knight Slinger is one of those games where you will be able to gather a group of heroes in order to defeat the enemy and prince peace and order in your land. It has been in beta mode for a few months, but now, it’s available for a global audience through the Google Play Store.

The Goddess Odelia has declared war against the land of Oratoria, and as it happens, you live there. Another goddess named Moria wants to put an end to this war and has now gathered a legion of knights, and for some reason, she has chosen you to lead this band of heroes. There are 6 classes and 5 elements within the game, with each class having their own unique style of attack, skills, weapons, etc. Each of the heroes will also have their own unique skills which they can use to buff other members of their team, debuff the enemies, and launch big attacks as well.


The game actually features drag and sling gestures, which makes it the “ultimate slingshot RPG”. Basically, it’s like shooting a pinball, except this time you’re actually fighting against enemies with various weapons and attacks like ranged attacks, physical hand-to-hand combat, etc. There are over 350 characters in the game and you can build them up through Enhance, Evolve, Awakening and Rune System. You can choose to play in Adventure, Dungeons or PvP mode.


You can download Knight Slinger from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available as well, but you can do without them if you don’t want to spend any real-life money.

VIA: Droid Gamers