The Kiwi Browser was introduced to us last year as a new web browser that challenged the big players. We’ve got our hands-on feature and we haven’t checked it back since then. The mobile browser has received an update recently that includes upgrades for some security loopholes. While Google uses the Chrome browser and treats it a default app, it’s not exactly the best and the most secure for some people. There are still others that can be considered better. One app is the Kiwi which is another standalone browser but is based on Chome (Chrome Canary build).

The update adds text rewrap/reflow, improved interface and animations, better performance courtesy of the new GPU driver and 64-bits engine, new settings (Google Translate, Baidu, and Yandex), external download managers support, protection for incognito windows, and the possibility to add exceptions/whitelist. The addition of a 64-bit rendering engine and GPU driver also brings improvement in page load times. It’s definitely faster and with smoother performance. Kiwi Browser is already popular for fast loading times but some are saying it’s now faster than Google Chrome so that’s another point for the devs.

The Kiwi Browser also includes text reflow. This means text will be bigger when you zoom in on a webpage. The text also wraps to suit the present screen.

Downloading files from the net is more efficient with the external download manager. For websites that you care about, you can add them to a whitelist so you can still see the ads. If you’ve used the Kiwi Browser before, you may agree this animations and interface have been improved.

Download the Kiwi Browser from the Google Play Store. You can also get it from XDA Labs. If you’re also looking for a new web browser with Cryptojacking protection, this one is it.