Cats are cute. No wonder YouTube is full of cat videos getting millions of views because people love them, proving that the ‘Internet is made for cats’. But when cats turn to robbers, how do we react? Well, it’s different in the case of this cat burglar game, we can still find the kitten cute even if it robs a bank and tries to avoid the cops.

KittenTaxi is a new racing shooter mobile game that features two cat burglars. It’s an original from South Korean developer Wonder People Co. What makes this remarkable is the hand-drawn style graphics that makes it “cuter” and more fun to play. The name KittenTaxi may be misleading though because it’s more of a getaway game. The kitten is driving a taxi which was most likely robbed and used as a getaway car.

kittentaxi for android

The cat burglar tries to escape the police with some thrilling actions and addictive controls. Swipe your finger left or right to control the direction of the car. Get the coins and weapons as you would need them. If you get all coins, you”ll even get double points.

There are actually two cat burglars in the game. One is driving while the other one shoots at pursuers and the police. The objective of the game is to finish each stage without getting blown up by dynamites. Swiping left and right the car to get away may seem easy but gameplay also requires you to pick up the coins, avoid dynamite, grab weapons on the road, and get away from the police cars and ambulances.

kittentaxi for android 2

The Kitten Taxi is free to download and play but in-game currency makes you “spend” for weapons and upgrades. Of course, the cats are burglars robbing a bank, there’s obviously money involved. But then again, you can choose not to spend the coins at all just to finish a game level.

Kitten Taxi starts with a map of a city where 15 banks are to be robbed. It already has potential to be a great time-waster just like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and 2048 in their early days. Game is not actually repetitive and boring because of the variety of challenges and the art style drawing that is easy on the eyes. The simple colors and lines of the graphics make the game fun to watch and play.

Game is similar to the Highway Madness game but in a cuter and meow-worthy way. Download Kitten Taxi game free  from the Google Play Store.