A few days ago, we reported on the KitKat India debacle, in which winners of the worldwide KitKat contest were given older Nexus tablets. While limited to India, and met with both scorn and disgust, KitKat nonetheless attempted to explain themselves away. It didn’t work, and now they’re doing what’s right.

Initially, KitKat India noted a very small detail, in that the contest took place before the new Nexus 7 was launched in India. As we pointed out, that would be an appropriate argument, had the 2012 version been shipped to winners before the new version came out. Finally seeing the error of their ways, KitKat India has posted this Facebook message:

We are delighted to announce that winners of ‘Android Kit Kat promotion’ will receive the new 2013 Nexus 7 tablet. If you have received an earlier version of the device, we will contact you separately to get it replaced. The delivery schedule for the new dispatches as well as the procedure to be followed for replacement will be communicated shortly.

It’s good to see humility form a multinational corporation. At the end of the day, Kit Kat did the right thing. For a company with the resources to fix this type of mistake and a bit of their reputation on the line, this was the right thing to do. Also, the Indian winners of the grand prize deserve the same device everyone else got, plain and simple.

VIA: Phandroid