KitKat, in their ever-evolving attempt to drive Android fans into sheer madness, have released a video today. This video depicts two Androids, one of which is a magician, and teases the other with his tricks. Sound familiar?

Our magician friend takes his magician hat off, then uses a KitKat bar (stick?) as a magic wand before looking his pal dead in the eye and eating it. Then, in a desperate attempt to grasp onto something real, the friend lunges at the magician, but he’s gone. He vanished! It was all an illusion.

We’re being dramatic, obviously, but the video really is a neat way for this KitKat/Android partnership to show its muscle. The Android is iconic to fans, and with a handshake deal, KitKat really cements their place as our favorite candy — if only for a little while. They could do videos like this for a long time, and we’d still be excited to see them.

Should you take this video to mean something? Nope. It’s just a fun video, released at a time when Android/KitKat/Nexus 5 fervor is at an all-time high. This doesn’t mean anything, and it’s not a gimmick to get us to read into something more. Just check it out, enjoy it like you would a Pixar short, and wait for Android 4.4 to officially come out… whenever that is.