KinScreen is a new app that’s not like any other. It automates screen timeout so your handset display is turned off every time you need it. No need to unlock, swipe, or enter a passcode because KinScreen knows when you have to use the phone. App utilizes a number of technology including motion, proximity, and tilt angle. App can detect movements near the device so it will turn on. Or if the phone is on a horizontal surface, facing up, screen will automatically timeout.

This app eliminates a few seconds from your busy mobile life because it allows the device to turn on or off at a certain period of time. It’s smart because it can time-out the screen when not in use to ensure that battery is saved. If you want the display to remain on, just tilt the phone on a certain angle. Just make sure the proximity sensor is not covered if you want that handset to detect your movements or the position of the phone.

What’s better about the app is that it can detect motion even in the dark. In theory, the app is running the whole time in the background but rest assured it won’t drain the battery.

You need to calibrate the phone after the app is installed on your device. Place the phone on a flat surface to calibrate, fine tune, and setup. Don’t be surprised (or annoyed) is some notifications are shown but feel free to hide them if you want. A notification will be shown regularly to keep the system working.

Download KinScreen from the Google Play Store