Mobile chargers and power banks are definitely heaven-sent. They’re so useful that you wonder how you can ever survive without them. That’s true especially for people who are on-the-go, always using their gadgets connected to the Internet, or are playing games or whatever. While mobile devices keep on improving, there’s a challenge to keep battery life longer. An all-day battery life for most phones may be impossible for now so it’s best that you charge them whenever you can.

And to make such portable charging devices more useful than ever, some genius thought of adding a built-in storage. It’s not exactly a novel idea but it’s certainly smart. Kingston Digital is getting in the game by introducing the MobileLite Wireless Pro and MobileLite Wireless G3. These two are actually new additions to the company’s Wireless lineup of products that provide extra power and storage to mobile users.

The MobileLite Wireless G3 can charge a phone faster and up to two times with the 5400 mAh battery inside. It also comes with an SD card slot and a USB port so you can access files wirelessly from a mobile device. It’s made possible by the MobileLite app that allows one to backup, transfer, and share photos. It’s like having a power bank and wireless card reader in one.

On the other hand, there’s the MobileLite Wireless Pro that is basically just the MLWG3 but with the addition of extra storage. There’s 64GB memory now plus battery was boosted to 6700 mAh.

Both the MobileLite Wireless G3 and MobileLite Wireless Pro are now ready for pre-order on Amazon UK and Amazon US. They even come with 2-year warranties. The Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless G3 costs $84 while the Pro version is $148.

Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless G3

SOURCE: Kingston Digital