There are some games that are perfect for the mobile platform, and some games that struggle on it. Games that succeed on mobile tend to be the ones that are natural, and require very little thinking on your part. Rumble Entertainment’s “KingsRoad” certainly requires very little thinking on your end, even if it is advertised as an RPG. Maybe you want some mindless hack ‘n slash action, and if so, this game is for you.


Do not expect a huge amount of depth from KingsRoad – there’s an initial storyline, but it is the action and the levelling up that actually makes you feel like you’re achieving something. If you can picture Diablo 2 in your head, then you’re mostly there. There’s a lot of loot, and it is the levelling up and the quest for better equipment that mostly keeps you going.


The levels you play in KingsRoad are linear – you travel through various areas before eventually coming across a boss. RPG combat here is not complicated – you tap on the enemy and occasionally hit button for a special move. Few of the levels take some time to complete, so it’s good for playing on your mobile device.

The excitement in the game is in the loot, your character can soon become quite well equipped as you forge items together for even better equipment and level-up various skills for your character. If you want this kind of game, then pick it up free via the download link below. There are lots of IAPs, but this is one game you might want to try to finish without spending.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store