Kingdom Rush is an old game franchise but it regularly gets an update. We remember the early version of Kingdom Rush being part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 soon after it hit the Google Play Store in 2013. We remember playing ‘Kingdom Rush Origins’ and when it became free to download. We were told the original Kingdom Rush would be “forever free” for Android devices. A few years later, here’s a new game: Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

‘Kingdom Rush Vengeance’ is a new game developed by Ironhide Game Studio. The action fantasy game will once again challenge your strategy and defense skills. It’s now available for Android users whether you want to play on a smartphone or a tablet.

Start another journey that will have you fighting for your kingdom using spells and towers. You will be facing a lot of trolls, orcs, and evil wizards in different environments like forests, wastelands, and mountains.

What we need is a defensive strategy. Plan one and include how you will recruit elven warriors, summon help, face monsters, or even rain fire on the enemies.

The strategy game will present several epic defense battles where you can take advantage of eight specialized tower upgrades including the Forest Rangers, Arcane Wizards, and the Mighty Barbarians.

Choose from among the nine heroes available. Each one can lead your people to victory with some 18 tower abilities. It will be a challenge to fight more than 50 enemies but we know you can endure dozens of boss fights.

With your skills and wit, you can definitely survive Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance from the Google Play Store