The name Kineto may not seem all that familiar, but now that WiFi Calling is a go for the T-Mobile G2, it’s a name that you’ll probably hear more of in the future. It’s the company that’s responsible for bringing WiFi Calling to the device, after all. In any event, it looks like they’re doing pretty well for themselves, and so they’re sharing in their good fortune by going forward with a contest that could see a lucky winner winning a high-end Android phone.

The rules are pretty straight forward: you just need to make a video about WiFi Calling, and why you love it. The video has to be between one and two minutes long, no going over. If you can tell them why Smart WiFi is important, or how it saved your life in one way or another, and you impress them enough, you could win a high-end Android smartphone. If you’re interested, then head on through this link to find the official rules. And check out the video below for the quick rundown.

[via Tmo News]