Remember last month when we reported that someone hacked the Microsoft Kinect to work on Android? Well there’s now a company that’s working to officially bring a Kinect style gesture based app to Android tablets and handsets. The company is XTR3D and they’re creating an app called iZi which will read the gestures for navigating a variety of apps including games play.

In many ways, it’ll be like a mobile version of Minority Report. Users will use gestures like hand waving to move from page to page and even use pinching gestures to zoom in or out. And according to the video below, it also looks like the software will be able to read a driving gesture for playing racing games. The gesture app won’t require any additional hardware and will likely use the front facing webcam to read the users gestures via recognition software.

Wow. Couple this with a 3D display, like the autostereoscopic qHD display in the HTC Evo 3D and you could actually get multiple layers and have a real Minority Report function. Wouldn’t that be trick? No word on when this app will make it’s way into the Market, but it’s currently in beta for Laptops. XTR3D is planning to make a mobile version available, perhaps by year’s end?

[via Droid Gamers]