The Amazon Kindle app for Android was recently updated, and brings a host of features that could prove very helpful next time you pick up your tablet or phone. Everything from organization to accessibility has been improved, and we will now get the option to rate a book before we leave. There is also one more really interesting feature Amazon is touting, making just about any book truly yours.

First, we can now organize books, documents, and magazines into collections. Have a few books on Baseball you want to keep together? Make a collection! For the visually impaired, Kindle has added functionality with Talkback and Explore by Touch, their haptic feedback service.

One of the minor annoyances is the inability to rate a book before leaving it, but that’s also changed with this update. Users can now rate a book before they’re done reading, a nice little service from Amazon which should increase reviews. We’re also supposed to gain the ability to turn publisher fonts on and off at will, but that feature doesn’t seem to be working on our test unit. That could be due to some odd issues, which are hazily noted in the recent reviews.

Reviewers are in a slight uproar about the update, saying it eliminates stored data (like your place in a book), and even forces a re-install. Before you update be sure to have all your info backed up accordingly, as we’re not sure how far reaching this is. Some are even noting they can’t re-register for the service, which is especially troubling.