There’s talk going around that Amazon may be looking to take completely redesign the Kindle platform and base it on the Android OS. According to posts in the New York Times Blog, Amazon is looking for Android developers for “Lab 126” which is Amazon’s Kindle development unit. That would make for a very interesting development and may signal Amazon’s concern that the NOOKColor is suddenly very popular with Android geeks looking for an affordable tablet option. There’s also the fact that with Amazon’s Android App Store that the book seller may simply be looking to evolve the Kindle to take advantage of Android apps they sell.

There’s some positive and negative aspects to this possibility. First off, the hallmark of the Kindle itself is that it has amazing battery life due to it’s passive liquid crystal display that doesn’t rewrite the page until it’s “turned.” This means that users don’t have to recharge it for days, maybe even weeks, as opposed to every day. Then there’s also that the Kindle can be read outside thanks to it’s matte finish, which doesn’t allow for glare in bright ambient light.

But there’s plenty of attraction to having the Android platform. There is a Kindle App and users will buy more apps along with books with an Android Kindle. And coupling it with Kindle’s free lifetime 3G to buy said books and apps is really attractive. And if Amazon can syphon off users wanting a tablet and prevent them from buying from BN.Com, so much the better.

[via Android Guys]