Amazon has announced the latest improvement for the Kindle app — and this time around the update deals with Whispersync and Audible. Basically, this update means you’ll now be able to quickly switch from reading a book to listening to a book by tapping a button.

This comes by way of the Whispersync for Voice technology. This will allow readers to bounce back and forth between reading and listening — without worry about losing their place. This latest update simplifies the process of switching between the two formats. Of course, you will need to purchase both formats for this to be possible.

Amazon has said this functionality (dubbed, professional narration) is now available for more than 45,000 books. Those looking to bulk up their collection can use the Amazon Matchmaker service. Matchmaker scans your Kindle library and if available, will allow you to purchase the companion Audible version.

Prices for the companion audio versions start at $0.99 and will increase from there. A quick scan of a personal collection offers prices ranging from $1.99 to $12.99. Ultimately this seems like a solid way to enjoy a book — being able to read or listen depending on your current preference (or current location).

But on the flip side, it does seem like this option simply pushes people to buy the same content two times. Using Under the Dome by Stephen King as an example. The Kindle book is $7.99, but adding the audio experience means an additional $12.99. Anyway, those looking to take advantage of this easy switching should look for the latest Kindle for Android app update from the Play Store.

SOURCE: Business Wire