There may be a lot of new players cropping up in the market, but for a lot of ebook readers, Amazon’s Kindle is still their first love. The new update to the reading app for the Android platform brings more features like Word Wise (a popular feature on their ebook reader), flash cards (important for students), plus a host of other additions that would make reading (or planning to read) even easier and more enjoyable.

The Word Wise has been available for the Kindle e-readers for some time now and adding it to the Android app will help those who are learning to read, specifically, those learning to read in English. With this feature, you can have a simple definition of difficult to understand words automatically displayed above it. It will not interrupt your momentum while reading, but it will also help you understand the sentence or paragraph better. You can tap on the word to have a deeper and more contextual definition. Word Wise isn’t available on all books, but in “many popular English language titles”.

There are other cool new features included in the update. Popular Highlights compiles the most popular passages that Kindle readers highlight every month. Students studying through Kindle will be able to create flashcards to help them study. If you don’t know anything about the author or book, you can now check them out first before reading (or you know, Google it or something). If you’re a manga fan (that’s Japanese graphic novels for the uninitiated), you can now navigate it easier with their new table of contents. EvenAudibles, can now be controlled without having to leave the page.

Of course, the usual bug fixes and improvements are included in the update. Kindle for Android, now on version 4.11.0, is now rolling out for users, and if you don’t have it yet, you can download from the Google Play Store on to your device.

VIA: SlashGear