We reported a couple days ago that Amazon locked down the new Kindle Fire HD tablets pretty tightly, making it more difficult to find a workaround for a successful root. However, good news has arrived and it looks like a successful workaround has been established, thanks to some hard-working folks.

Testers and developers were already hard at work right when the Kindle Fire HD 7 hit store shelves, so in a matter of days they were able to bypass Amazon‘s heavily-locked bootloader. It turns out the root method is very similar to how developers managed to break into the Transformer Prime running on Ice Cream Sandwich, so it seems like they had to start from scratch this time.

The exploit simply consists of first downloading Super User, and running a few commands that will eventually lead to a successful installation of Super User and getting a root on the Kindle Fire HD. If you’re having trouble along the way, you can visit the XDA Developers thread that has complete instructions and even a video.

For what it’s worth, it’s only been confirmed working on the new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, but it technically should work on all new Kindle Fires that are running Ice Cream Sandwich. Hopefully, as time passes, we’ll hear more confirmations of successful roots on multiple Kindle Fire devices.

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[via Android Police]