If you prefer the Amazon book ecosystem for your reading needs, the Kindle app is a pretty good reader to use for your Android devices. But you’ve probably wished at one point or another for bigger improvements to it, especially as compared to other reading apps like Google Books, Kobo, Aldiko, etc. The newest update to 4.6.0 now brings you some of the features you’ve always needed, particularly immersive mode and better controls on settings like brightness, orientation and audio playback.

When you’re reading an ebook, you sometimes get distracted by the other apps on your device clamouring for your attention. But with the new immersive mode, you now have the option to be unaware that there is someone mentioning you on your social networks and just concentrate on the murder-mystery story that you are reading. Controlling the orientation of your reader is also a pain at times, but this update to Kindle allows you to just tap on the bottom right corner to lock the screen’s orientation and not have you lose your concentration whenever you turn your phone or tablet.

When you’re playing an audiobook on Kindle while you’re doing other things, chances are your phone or tablet would go into lock screen mode. Now you can control the playback of the book even when your device is locked. Other changes in the updated Kindle app include easier controls for brightness through the reader settings, navigating the table of contents through the subchapters in your book and allowing it to pair with Bluetooth devices.

Amazon Kindle v6.0 is now ready to update on your devices. If you don’t have it yet on your smartphone or tablet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. The books of course are not for free (although some titles are available as free downloads) so you purchase the books through Amazon.