Mega users now have an Android app available. Well, technically you had an Android app available, however that app now has the official blessing from Mega. Those looking for the app should look for one called Mega from Mega Limited. And just like the service itself, the Mega app for Android is available for free. Otherwise, the app is currently sitting at version 1.0.2 and with just about everything you would need in terms of features.

The Mega Android app offers the obvious in that you can browse the files stored in your Mega account. You can also upload files from and download files to your Android device. The app also offers a Camera Sync option which will automatically backup your images and videos.

The Camera Sync option is off by default but can be turned on by heading to the Menu and choosing the Camera sync option. From here you will need to check the box to turn things on and once that is done — you have a few additional options available. Users will be able to choose a destination folder and also choose whether you want images, videos or both. There are also options to have uploads go only over WiFi and only when charging.


Some of the other features include being able to search, create folders, move files from folder to folder and rename files. The app also allows you to create public lines to files in your Mega account. Bottom line here, the Mega app has arrived for Android and it seems to provide just about everything you will need to access and manage the files you have stored in your Mega account.

Finally, for those who have yet to sign-up, Mega offers 50GB of cloud storage for free. And for those looking for more, there are options to go Pro and get 500GB, 2TB or 4TB of storage space for €9.99, €19.99 or €29.99 per month respectively.

SOURCE: Mega Blog, Google Play Store