If you think tofu is just a bean curd that’s healthy and delicious to eat, you’re wrong. Tofu is a soy-based creature that has an adorable face but you need to shoot each and every one that you encounter in the woods and anywhere else you see them. Your goal is to hunt around and take on bounties. Shoot them. Just shoot, don’t stop, and be the best Tofu Hunter in the world.

A tofu hunter must hunt in different environments. From the jungle ruins to the misty woods, you will encounter those wide-eyed tofus. They look adorable but sorry to say, you need to finish those meat-free critters who’ve been messing your vegan diet.

To achieve success, you can earn special weapons like an Omega-3, grenade launchers, and some crossbows. For extra scores, you can tag bounties. And for more bragging rights, bag each one of Tofu variety and avoid the Tofu Leopards in this arcade game for Android.

This game may be violent and morbid so we don’t really recommend it for kids. Vegans would probably enjoy killing a herd of tofus because they never knew that tofu has a face. Truth is, tofus are alive and it’s a sad fact that vegetarians have been chewing on them.


Download Tofu Hunter from the Google Play Store