Online resource site Khan Academy has been providing digital educational tools for those who would like to learn more about a variety of topics but don’t have the time and resources to go to an actual school. Now they’re taking it one step further as they announce the release of the official Android app in beta mode. This means expanding their access to an even wider range of audience who are interested in learning.

While Khan Academy has a website and YouTube channel where you can watch the videos, the app provides the added value of viewing the transcripts of the videos for reference later on, adding clips to a list that you would like to watch later, downloading a clip to your hard drive, and tracking your progress if you’re going through several lessons.

But since the app is still in beta phase, it is still pretty basic. Unlike the website where there are some interactive modules, the app still lacks that particular feature. They will probably (hopefully) be added later on since this is an advanced feature that people will probably be looking for. Chromecast support and playback speed control are two other features that should be good additions for the app.

To be able to set the app, you need to sign up for the beta testing module. Then you’ll be asked to download the Khan Academy app and then you can start testing away.

VIA: The Next Web



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