Revenant Dogma is Kemco’s newest RPG released to Android recently. This is a true JRPG in style and gameplay, and the visuals are interesting as well. The game, in normal mode, features graphics reminiscent of the early Final Fantasy games, Legend of Zelda, or even those Pokemon games on Nintendo Game Boy. The retro style will change though, when you go into combat, and a more modern 3D look takes over.


The storyline is nothing new. With RPGs, there rarely is any new storyline to pursue anyways. The main hero, Caine, is out to investigate a mysterious girl in a mask and with black wings. There’s a situation between humans and feral gods, but to cut the long intro short, players will be out to save the world from a great evil.

Revenant Dogma comes with most of the standard RPG features you would find in a Kemco title, plus a twist here and there. In combat, players will have a few different special moves, but one of the features is called “Transformations”, which will transform the character to beasts, and you are able to use different skills sets. As players progress through the game, they collect material to forge new weapons and armor, all of which can be customized further to make them stronger.


The game comes in two versions, a free-to-download version with IAPs, and a premium one – basically the same with the free version but with 1000 bonus in-app points to use early on items. The IAPs are not essential for you to finish the game, but will usually be extra content. Check the download links below.

DOWNLOAD: Revenant Dogma (Free), (Premium)