Backing up data and files in Android is not exactly a walk in the park. It is not easy especially app backups. What happens is when you want to delete a mobile app, all its content will also be erased forever. It is an easy way if you want to clear up your device but for important messaging apps, there may be times that only want to keep the messages and other data. The Android team has introduced a solution in Android 10.

The Android 10 feature is slowly appearing in some apps. A source noted WhatsApp has asked to keep app data before uninstalling. When you delete the app, you can still keep the conversations, your accounts, and other data.

Android deletes the app and data but it will soon be different especially if your device is on Android 10. The system will ask the user if you want to keep the contents. Before an app is deleted, you will be asked to ‘Keep n MB of app data’. Check the box if you want to. The pop-up only appears if you delete the app from the app settings menu or home screen. Doing so from the Google Play Store will not provide the option.

Having kept the data and should you decide to install the mobile app again, you will see the stored content including account and chats. They will be available right away when the app is launched. It is not certain if password is also stored.

Apart from WhatsApp, the ASR Voice Recorder also asks to keep the data when about to be uninstalled. If you happen to discover other Android apps that ask such an option, please let us know in the comments below. We want to check how fast Android 10 rolls out the feature and to what apps.