Generally, I think of smartphones when I hear the KDDi name. Smartphones aren’t all that the company is about and KDDi is getting ready to launch an Android 4.0 set-top box. Looking at the photo of the rendering from the official announcement, it’s clear somebody in the design department really likes the Nintendo Wii.

The rectangular set-top box looks very much like the Wii. The remote is shaped like a Wii controller right down to the rectangular opening on the bottom of the remote. I’m not sure product designers have got the memo that the Wii is getting tired and isn’t as popular as it used to be. Details on the new Smart TV Box are scarce at this point.

The first customers to test the device will be getting the box this summer. The Smart TV Box will launch with services focused on sharing TV programs and content with other Android media devices. That’s all we know about the Smart TV Box at this point. Once the device launches officially it’s not likely to come outside of Japan.

[via New Launches]