KDDI R&D laboratories in Japan has created integration between an Android smartphone and neural science that uses a headband with sensors to monitor brainwaves. The idea is that the app will allow the user to measure their concentration during things like gaming and meditation. The headband has small sensors inside that detect brain neural activity.

A clip attaches to the ear to detect the users pulse. The headset you see in the photo here is combined with an Android phone. Three games in the app encourage the wearer to concentrate and play for 30 seconds. After that 30-second time frame the app creates a chart that graphs concentration and meditation.

Concentration is a measurement of the focused state of the user and mediation is the relaxed state of the user. The app also offers a diagram to show what parts of the brain were used during the time span. The system is in the concept stage at this time, but the tech may eventually make its way to the consumer market. There is a similar system for the iPhone that measures brainwaves to control games within a special app on the market already in the US.

[via Japantrends]