We haven’t heard much about kboard but its developer has been working on some improvements and new features. In case you didn’t know, this keyboard app allows canned responses you can customize and add with just a click. It can be used with any instant messaging app after you set up the messages or phrases you frequently use. This way, you can send replies faster than ever like shortcuts.

Instead of typing a phrase or a message, you can just choose from the kboard your pre-set text. The app developer was actually inspired to improve the kboard after seeing the need to use the bold and italic syntax on WhatsApp more frequently than before. Because of this, he thought of making things easier. The result was a VIM-like syntax for kboard that he said could be flexible.

Redditor adgad137 shared some samples in geek language:


/Italicise Previous!dw,i($0)
/Bolden Previous!dw,i($0)
/Italics!i(__),j – this writes the two underscores then moves the cursor between them
/Copy All!yy
/Repeat word x4!dw,4p
/rly sad!1000i(?)


The dev is interested to know if his code will be useful to others so he shared them over on Reddit. If you’re on kboard, feel free to check out what the developer has shared and send your own feedback. Other commands are listed as follows:

d=delete previous character
dw=delete previous word
3dw=delete previous three words
dd=delete all
yy=copy all
y=copy selection
p=paste from clipboard
i(text)=output the content of the brackets ($0 gets replaced * with the last deleted/copied content)
upper(text)=as o, but in upper case
lower(text)=as o, but lower case
j=move cursor back by a character
k=move cursor forward by a character
b=move cursor back by a word
w=move cursor forward by a word
s=trigger a send command
e(…)=execute the command in the brackets
rnd=output a random kboard key
rnde=output a random emoji

Download kboard from the Google Play Store

VIA: Reddit