Shopping for cars can be both fun and tiring at the same time. The fun part of car shopping is the purchase of a car that is exactly what you want. The bad part of buying a car is actually finding the vehicle that you want to purchase. Many people use Kelley Blue Book to find out what a car is worth and to shop for cars and information when they are in the car market. KBB has announced the app for Android users has been downloaded 50,000 times since it launched on November 15.

The new app for Android users promises car buying and selling information to help the user make good decisions. The app has been updated with some winter-themed Easter eggs with snow and sledding kids for the winter 2010 launch. The app can also be placed onto the Android home screen to track the value of the user’s car.

Other features include KBB values for new cars include the MSRP, invoice, and fair purchase price. The app also gives certified pre-owned prices and video reviews of new cars and more. You can get the app on the Android Market right now.