Kamcord has had in-game recording tools available for iOS developers, and while they have been working towards and Android release, it wasn’t until today that the good news arrived. Simply put, Kamcord has announced a new Android SDK that will allow Android developers to add similar options in their games. This apparently, has been a work in progress with some of the effort going into making sure they were able to allow for recording without any performance hits.

Time to get to this point aside, what this means now is an available SDK for Android developers. This is still being touted as a beta offering. Kamcord founder Aditya Rathnam did suggest there was plenty of interest from Android developers and has said they expect the first round of games to arrive “in a couple of weeks.” While this SDK will allow developers to set up in-game recording (an additional feature) — there is another potential perk for them.

That perk comes in the form of additional chatter about the game within the social community. You see, aside from recording the gameplay, users playing Kamcord-equipped games are also able to share those videos out on social sites. We suspect the potential will vary from game to game, however this could build up a whole other community for some games.

Anyway, while Android users are waiting for this type of in-game recording to arrive, the folks at Kamcord are touting 1 billion recordings with 1 million of those having been shared out. Otherwise, those developing for Android can sign up to be a part of the release and Kamcord has said this can be integrated in 30 minutes or less. And perhaps more important is that it can be integrated without any performance loss.

VIA: Venture Beat

SOURCE: Kamcord