If you are the outdoors type who likes to spend weekends away from the grid, but you still want to be able to stay in touch keeping devices charged can be a challenge. A new solar generator system called KaliPAK has debuted that will charge all your gadgets and can even power lights and other items outdoors on the go.

The KaliPAK is designed for more than outdoors types, it is also designed to help deliver power during emergencies and to developing nations where reliable power is unavailable. The charge pack works with anything that can be charged from a USB port or a car DC outlet.


It ships with a LED light bulb that can be worked by the generator for up to 200 hours. Brighter floodlights and other offerings are available as well. KaliPAK has an internal battery that stores the power the large solar panel gathers. It comes in a 600Wh or 400Wh unit. There are apps for Android devices that show how long the battery inside the KaliPAK will last.

KaliPAK is on Kickstarter now seeking $150,000 and has raised over $78,000 so far with 54 days to go. A pledge of $289 or more will get a KaliPAK 201 if you hurry, there are 40 left at that price. That larger unit will cost $398 or more.

SOURCE: Kickstarter