You. Yes, you. Stop your giggling. “Nippon” is a dialect word for “Japan”, and Kairsoft’s latest Android game reflects that. Now that that’s out of the way: noted Android RPG maker Kairsoft has teased its latest game for the platform, Cafeteria Nipponica, and it’s set for release this Thursday. While the company didn’t say much about the game itself, their history and the title should be more than enough to get the gist of it. There’s no mention of whether the game will be released in English right away, but considering their habit of renaming games for the western market, it seems unlikely.

Kairsoft is best known for their Game Dev Story title and similar games, following on the pattern of nearly infinite gameplay with RPG-style elements placed on top of more ordinary situations. Their formula is instantly addictive no matter what them material is – similar games include  Pocket League Story, Epic Astro Story and Mega Mall Story. Cafeteria Nipponica is likely to be renamed “Japan Cafe Story” or something similar. Players must recruit characters, build up their skills and pass achievements to continue, all in a classic pixelated visual style.

Kairsoft’s games tend to be a little on the expensive side, but they always offer “lite” versions for prospective players to try out. Most fans don’t complain – they’re solid titles that are worth the admission price, and they go on sale frequently to boot. The company usually gets English translations out rather quickly, but if you’re a fluent Japanese speaker, you should be able to get the game in most territories starting on Thursday.

[via DroidGamers]