The verdict is in. The Apple vs. Samsung retrial has come to a close, with the jury awarding Apple $290 million in damages. This is a stark contrast to the original $1.05 billion verdict, and still quite a bit less than the nearly $600 million Judge Lucy Koh later reduced it to.

Of course, this trial was never about winning or losing. The actual decision had already been given, with this case having more to do with punitive damages, as well as closing a chapter. This trial sets a precedent moving forward; not only for Samsung and Apple, but the entire industry.

This verdict is quite a bit less than the nearly $400 million Apple was asking for, but a big bump from the $52 million Samsung felt was appropriate. At the time we write this, the two sides are in a 30 minute break. The recess is meant to give them both time to review the ruling, and state any objections to the court. All tolled, Samsung will end up owing nearly $900 million to Apple.

For the uninitiated, this all stems from Apple claims that Samsung copied their design to sell devices to those who may not otherwise be able to tell the difference. In the original trial, such damning evidence as internal Samsung emails form executives, which had verbiage such as “it should look more like an iPhone”, sealed the deal. The resulting verdict was questioned heavily, calling for this quick retrial to allow a second jury to decide on damages. That has been done, but the global war rages on. Apple and Samsung are still locked in battle elsewhere, but this verdict should cast a positive glow for Apple, moving forward.