While there is a fair bit of history dealing with the Fourth of July, we suspect many of the readers will be out to have some fun. That could mean anything from watching a parade or fireworks display to spending some time at a bar-b-que with friends and family. Of course, regardless of what you are doing, there will be some down time during the day and given that — we suspect more than a few will be looking towards their phones to keep them occupied.

Sure, you have your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless other social sites to see what others happen to be doing, however we also put together a short list of Independence Day themed apps. Given that topic, what app roundup would be complete without a live wallpaper option. Really, we like the live wallpaper apps.

For this we looked towards a company with more than a few live wallpaper options. Not to mention, an app that had been updated recently. Anyway, the app we found is available for free and called Fireworks Live Wallpaper from Bravo Apps. This one will run on Android 2.2 or later and offers various backgrounds and options for customization. It also put some focus on battery life, which is always a plus with us.

Fireworks Live Wallpaper in the Google Play Store


Live wallpaper apps are fun to play with, but a better use of your smartphone on a day filled with friends and family could be taking pictures. Regardless of where you happen to be, it may be fun to spice those pictures up a bit and for that we look towards another developer that we have gotten apps from in the past, this one happens to be ikoolr inc.

This time around we are looking towards the 4th July – Celebrate America app which should be good for today. This app will allow you to capture, edit and share images. The key for this app though comes in with the themes. The app offers 91 patriotic stamp overlays, 24 USA themed decorative frames and more. And again, this is another free app.

4th July – Celebrate America in the Google Play Store


This next app may be a bit more useful for those with kids. This one is intended to help keep the kids mind occupied during some of that previously mentioned downtime — say when you arrive early to get good seats for the parade and then have lots of time to wait before things begin. This app is a coloring app from Color Time. The app is called Fourth of July and once again is free. This app offers July 4th themed pictures along with a paint bucket, paint brush and the option to save and share the creations.

Fourth of July in the Google Play Store


Next up is something for everyone. The app is not necessarily only for the 4th of July, but it is offering some holiday themed stations in the form of channels called 4th of July Celebration, Rock & Roll BBQ and more. They also have what is a near-perfect album of the week — Born In The USA from Bruce Springsteen. Anyway, download the Slacker app, fire up one of the holiday themed stations and enjoy the day with some good food, cold beer, family and friends.

Slacker Radio in the Google Play Store


Last up for the day is something that, well honestly, may not be as much fun for everyone. Going back to the bit in the beginning of the post where we talked about the day being filled with history and we took the time to find an app that can be used to learn a little. Or maybe for some, re-learn. Regardless of where you current level of knowledge falls, this app is called United States History and offers details on everything from the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to the Bill of Rights, details on the flag, summaries about each of the presidents and much more.

United States History in the Google Play Store

Perhaps key here though, we hope everyone in the US enjoys the day.