Go Judge Koh! Today some tempers are getting slightly heated after the continuous and ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple. This has been a huge topic in the news as of late, and honestly we feel it’s getting a bit old. Today however the Judge spiced things up by asking Apple’s Attorney’s if they’re smoking crack.

You’ve all probably noticed a drop off in the “lawsuit” stories here on Android Community, as we’d like to focus on the positive things in Android, as well as real innovation. The ongoing legal battle here is slowly but surely getting very old, and the Judge appears to want it to be over more than we all do.

According to The Verge, who appears to be sitting in on the case, after Apple submitted yet another massive 75 page document to the courts, Judge Koh finally has had enough. We are hearing this witness rebuttal document of over 75 pages was referring to 22 different witnesses that Samsung may call to the stand. Then the Judge showed her irritation by asking why Apple would waste the courts time and submit such a lengthy document “when unless you’re smoking crack you know these witnesses aren’t going to be called!”

That pretty much says it all. Apple and their Attorneys might be smoking crack. Now obviously this entire thing has been blown out of proportion by the media (us included) but the point we are trying to make is these legal battles are long, irritating, and getting very old — as we can tell from the judge’s growing frustrations. If anything major actually happens other than name-calling, we’ll be sure to update. In the meantime continue with your business as it’s just another drawn out day in court for Apple and Samsung.