A class action suit that some consumers have brought against Google and Huawei for the Nexus 6P bootlooping issues has been going on for almost a year now. But after months of no news, we finally have an update. The judge in the case has denied motions from the two tech giants to dismiss the case against them and has also moved to dismiss their claims that this problem does not warrant a class-action suit. But there is also some good news for the two as the judge dismissed some of the claims brought against both companies.

To refresh your memory, some Nexus 6P users were complaining that their devices would randomly shut down even though their battery was still at 60% while some experienced unnatural battery drain and endless bootloops. The lawsuit alleges that both companies did not respond appropriately to the users and that they were aware of the issue but still chose to sell the devices and not offer any solution or recompense for owners experience the problems with the Nexus 6P.

Unsurprisingly, Google and Huawei brought motions to dismiss the class action suit against them but Judge Beth Labson Freeman from the US District in Northern California was having none of it. Because of her ruling, the warranty claims against Huawei will push through as well as the state consumer protection claims against Google. But she did dismiss the some of the fraud or fraud-based, warranty, and unjust enrichment complaints which the plaintiffs can still replead in an amended complaint.

Despite this movement in the case, this will probably take a long time to resolve as we may see more motions and other claims between all parties. Meanwhile, Nexus 6P owners, how’s it going? Have you given up and just gotten a new smartphone?

VIA: XDA Developers